Clément Delafargue

Hi, I'm Clément

I'm a functional programmer working at FretLink. I love discussing about FP, distributed systems and cloud architecture. If you've seen this page pop up in "nearby", let's have a chat!


Functional Programming is often seen as a nice tool for small-scale concerns, not as a tool for application design. However, functional programming comes with interesting tools aimed at solving these boring (or deemed boring) concerns: dependency inversion, observability).A functional solution, called a monad stack, allows to combine all this cross-cutting concerns and behaviours with no magic (or not too much). Let's see how it works and how it relates to the current "Tagless Final" trend

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Config files are getting bigger and bigger. Config languages are limited (by design). Using a general purpose language for config looks like a good idea but has severe drawbacks. Dhall is designed to bring flexibility and abstraction to config, while keeping key properties.

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Spinning up dev environments got incredibly complex. We now cheat by using containers or VMs, but these are extremely heavyweight solutions.We only care about the easy way to run software, not about the runtime isolation. Thankfully, there is nix, that does just that: allowing us to run software on your machine without trashing your global environment.

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FretLink: Shipment made simpler

FretLink is a flow management solution to industrial shippers that brings more visibility to all stakeholders in the chain.